Recently, Priyanka Chopra had in impromptu meeting with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin, and at the same time she was slammed for wearing a short dress and sitting crossed leg in front of him.

Actually, Priyanka posted a photograph of her and her mother Madhu Chopra on Instagram that showed wearing short dress and flaunting their legs.

Madhu Chopra, who co-produces regional films with the ‘desi girl’, has said that the PM himself had no issues with Priyanka’s dress.

Madhu Chopra confirms and said “He and his team had no problem. In fact, we got an official communication from the protocol officer later that the PM had no issue with it. But the trolls on social media diluted the whole intent of the meeting”.

Priyanka also shared some of her adorable pics from New York in her Instagram account. Have a look here.

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