Perfect Couples in Bollywood

Bollywood does many things perfectly – influences all of us to dream big and have idealistic expectations from our love life. Though the former one is a big game-changer, the latter one has been managing our love lives for decades at present.

But we cannot protest because we are extreme fans and extreme fans do not complain at all; they just go nuts about their much loved stars. Although with each movie, our expectations changes, there are some on-screen top celebrity couples who have given us vital (impractical) relationship goals.

Even though we love these stars with their genuine partners too, out of Top 10 couples of Bollywood, here are some on-screen couples we wish were true, in no particular order.

Shah Rukh Khan – Kajol

Hands down one of the most admired couples in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol make dancing around trees seem like a sweet dream. Half of the country’s people still have hope that they will locate the love of their lives in a running train or even in a big mustard field. This lovely couple also ensured that people not at all believe that a guy as well as a girl can be good friends (particularly if they play basketball). They have set the bar very high that it is almost not possible to match.

Raj Kapoor – Nargis


They are the most famous couples of Bollywood known as Golden Couple of Bollywood and no one can remake their love chemistry. Each time it rains, an expectant romeo wherever brings out his old fashioned black umbrella in the wish of finding the woman who will change his life. It is, certainly, next to unfeasible as they should understand by now. This great Golden Couple starred together in more than 6 movies in a short time period of 8 years. Awara, Barsaat , Chori Chori and Shree 420 are a few of their greatest movies.

Anil Kapoor – Madhuri Dixit


At the crest of their Bollywood life, this on-screen couple all time ruled Bollywood. Their love chemistry made even the most mundane plots appear like an inventive achievement. The rough as well as macho guy paired with the feminine as well as beautiful girl won everyone over in movies for example Beta , Ram Lakhan and Tezaab. They were also a master class on how to continue the audience passionate for Bollywood news updates.

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