One of my friend asks me to write something about Shah Rukh Khan as he knows that I am a big Fan of SRK. I am not a blogger or a writer just expressing my feeling here.


All my friends ask me why I love Shah Rukh Khan even I don’t have a perfect answer for it, trying to answer it by one dialogue from FAN movie “कनेक्शन भी न कमाल की चीज होती है हो गया तो हो गया मत पूछो कैसे”. The connection I have with him can’t describe in words. Don’t remember when I starts following him. From last 20 year, I am watching his movie, interview, TV shows and every time feel like there is something charismatic persona he has. He is a well-educated family man, his love for his family is unconditional. A passionate worker, he worked 18 hours a day at the age of 50. We don’t even have 50% of the energy of this man in our 20’s. The most important thing I like about him that he is a good speaker, in every speech he talks about the life, struggle and many more problem we adults have in our life and he made a point out of it. If you’re a Fan of him or not, try to listen to his speech once and you will find something inspiration in it. He knows how to motivate people and himself. Another thing I like about him is a sense of humor this man have. He always comes with a witty reply for each and every question reporter ask him. He is the most loving, most successful actor on this planet, his fan following is the proof of it and I am one of them. His life is a true example of struggle and success. One man who lost his parent early has nothing to eat become world 2nd richest actor. Just to showcase his status I am taking an example, Every time we need to compare any Bollywood actors skills, records first name strikes in mind is SRK. Amitabh Vs SRK, Salman Vs SRK, Amir Vs SRK etc. You know why this happens because we always compare something with the best and He was, he is and he will be the best in Bollywood.


People tell me that he is not doing good movies now and losing his position in Bollywood, I do agree with them but I know that this man have much more to surprise us in future and his recent movies proved it. So don’t be judgmental just wait and watch because once a king always a king and he is the king of Bollywood.

This is the first time I had written something about him you may be like it or not.

Going to end this by one of my favorite lines which described SRK “Love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him.”

Thanks for reading. Appreciate your patience!


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